Biohazard Cleanup & Restoration

JEC Industries is qualified in biohazard cleanup and restoration for both commercial and residential properties. From hospitals to homes affected by hoarding, we offer full cleanup and decontamination for any biohazard situation.

Emergency? Call 888-316-4595 now. We’ll send the JEC Industries team to the site for superior, lightening-fast cleanup services.

Our team follows a careful procedure to ensure that the affected area is completely rid of any biohazardous materials. We begin by assessing the area and removing all visible materials from the premise. Then, we perform testing to determine if there is any remaining unseen biohazardous material. Our detailed and meticulous employees will carefully decontaminate the area, and we will perform a second test to ensure it is safe.

If you need an expert team to perform biohazard restoration, contact JEC Industries today.

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